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INSTRUCTIONS: Welcome to Rappler’s crowdsourcing campaign to map out the worst places to bike and walk in Philippine cities! You can send your entries to this chat room. All entries must contain 1) Google pin of exact spot you wish to report 2) A short description of what makes it a bad place for cyclists or pedestrians 3) A photo of the area. Please ensure these are complete so we can generate as detailed a map and report as possible. We will be crowdsourcing from May 2024 to December 2024. We will then publish a map and data journalism story, then relay the data we gather to local governments and national government agencies.

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May 15 12:55 PM

Brixton, Pasig
high contention area, strong potential for car vs two wheel conflict. a governemtn vehicle tried to hit me earlier today: https://twitter.com/temporalthought/status/1790714876152910091


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