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The Green Report Picks – March 2024

Happy April, everyone! We hope you are all staying cool in this heat 🥵. Just wanted to share with you all some of the stories our team worked on last March, in case you missed them!

1. EXPLAINER: What is just energy transition?


2. [DOCUMENTARY] Biking 120 kilometers in Metro Manila



3. Science is boring? Not for this creative team working on disaster resilience
4. TIMELINE: The Chocolate Hills resort controversy


5. The Green Report: Celine Murillo advocates for native trees, one TikTok at a time
6. Philippines joins biggest case vs climate change, tells court ‘polluters must pay’


7. Expect more storms than previous year because of impending La Niña
8. Flood-prone lifelines: Critical facilities at risk of flooding in Negros Occidental town



9. ‘Bruised but alive’: Missing environmental activists in Pangasinan found safe



The Green Report Picks – February 2024

Kung gaano kabagal ang January, ganoon naman kabilis ang February. 🥴

But don't worry, we still lined up the environment stories we think you shouldn't miss from February!

1. SC grants temporary protection to young activists ‘abducted’ by military


2. Tiny e-trikes vs big roads: Gov’t admits it lacks regulations for electric vehicles


3. Can we fully electrify jeepney fleets under PUV modernization program?


4. Meet bird-watchers Bob and Cynthia, whose love story took flight in their 50s


5. Last ride? You can still bike, run in La Mesa watershed soon


6. Drilling operations for windmill project found at Masungi Georeserve


7. Most Filipinos believe climate change threatens health – SWS survey


8. A year after oil spill, Pola fisherfolk yet to receive full compensation


9. There’s gold in Sagada, but miners barely get by. Now they want more support.


Which story's your favorite? :)


The Green Report Picks – January 2024

Hello, Jee here again! Happy to share with you our favorite environmental stories from January.

Last month felt like it was gonna go on forever, but February is finally upon us. Our team has a lot of stories in the pipeline for you, but for now, here are stories from January 2024 that you shouldn't miss:

1. More than 100 years after first sighting in Manila Bay, rare bird reappears

2. Seaweed may become your staple food in case of nuclear apocalypse, study says

3. Is the Philippines prepared for El Niño?


4. Save migrating birds over northern Manila Bay, says study


5. DOCUMENTARY: How politics killed non-Moro IPs in the Kusiong landslides


6. After campus uproar, Ateneo suspends car park renovation


7. This 2024, make your community greener


8. Church leaders oppose copper mining project in Negros Occidental


Don't forget to give us feedback about these stories either through this platform or by tagging us on our social media accounts. :)


The Green Report Picks – December 2023

Hi everyone, Jee here, Rappler's environment editor. At the start of every month, I'll be sharing here the best environmental stories we published from the previous month, just so you get an overview of what our team (called the environment cluster) has been working on. Think of this as our suggested must-reads and read away!

1. In a Northern Samar town, sardines are aplenty, but their fishers aren’t


2. Life after catch: Sardines business holds promise for N. Samar small fishers


3. [DOCUMENTARY] Our 15 kilometers: Small fishers fear losing municipal waters to big operators


4. Nations strike deal at COP28 to transition away from fossil fuels


5. Historic? PH civil society at COP28 says climate deal ‘falls short’


6. Philippines gets a seat in inaugural board of loss and damage fund


7. The Green Report: The art of Rappler’s stories on the Teduray tragedy


8. Sick of crowded Baguio? Try forest bathing in Camp John Hay
9. Hundreds of Ateneans reject tree cutting for car park renovation


Don't forget to give us feedback about these stories either through this platform or by tagging us on our social media accounts. :)


Our team's sustainable NY resolutions

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Jee Geronimo here. I know we're already halfway through January, but I think today's as good a time as any to post our team's sustainable New Year's resolutions – especially since we're way past Quitter's Day (or the second Friday of January, when most people had already abandoned their resolutions).

I have two this year: to bring an eco-bag with me everywhere (I mentioned this in the latest The Green Report episode) and eat less meat. So far, so good.

Here are other resolutions from the rest of our team. Feel free to share yours as well on our chat room!


I'll try to use less plastic both inside and outside the house. I also plan to be more mindful of my purchases so I don't end up contributing unnecessarily to the waste crisis – for example, in fast fashion.


1. Bring a tumbler to the office/field work. 

2. Bring a reusable tote bag when doing grocery or shopping. 

3. Give away clothes I don’t wear anymore and invest in pieces that could be paired with a lot of outfits for the long-term.


I'll try to remember to ask the barista to make my drink in a glass instead of putting it in a plastic cup when I drink inside the cafe. I'll also remember to bring my tumbler more in my travels so that I don't have to buy water in plastic bottles.


I plan on attempting to start using more reusable products, mainly lessening my use of disposable coffee or beverage cups while I’m outside. I'll try to bring my own flasks or tumblers this year, even if it’s heavy for the commute.


I will always remember to bring my reusable water bottle when I go out. I will also start requesting that my drinks be put in my reusable cup instead of a plastic or paper cup. And maybe I can start learning how to make my own tea to bring to work so I won’t have to buy outside.


I resolve to think twice before I make purchases, even though I think they are cost-efficient. I am also aiming to eat home-cooked meals as much as I could. 


Philippines gets a seat in inaugural board of loss and damage fund

The Philippine government has secured a seat on the inaugural board of the loss and damage fund, Environment Secretary Toni Yulo-Loyzaga confirmed in a Palace briefing on Thursday, December 14.

The country will represent the Asia-Pacific Group as a full member for 2024 and 2026 and as an alternate member in 2025, sharing the term that year with Pakistan.

Read more here: https://www.rappler.com/philippines/seat-board-loss-damage-fund-cop28/

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