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Apr 11 11:30 PM

🏁 The results are in!

We asked you to identify which of the previous statements was the truth.

The statement that is TRUE is... 🥁
⚖️ - Warrantless arrests can only be made if one was caught in the act of committing a crime or if there is probable cause, and they must be brought to court within 36 hours maximum.

The article explains the limitations and procedures surrounding warrantless arrests, emphasizing the importance of following the rule of law and ensuring individuals are brought before a judge promptly.

No one got the correct answer this time!

[Judgment Call] Resisting mob mentality for warrantless arrests
'Warrantless arrests are there for good reason: for security, for peace and order. Not for virality. Not for the mob.'

Read the full article here:

11:30 PM

🏆 Games are done! Remember, tune in again every 7:00AM, 12:00PM, and 6:00PM Philippine Time (GMT+08)

Paul Lim
Apr 15 01:45 AM

Raymond Powell is hoting a TWITTER SPACE Discussion now

Apr 16 09:04 PM

@here what's your take on Pantaleon Alvarez's inflammatory statements as of late?

Jodesz Gavilan
Apr 17 12:43 PM

Hi everyone! I'm Jodesz Gavilan, Rappler lead researcher, and we just released a storypage that houses all of our published investigative reports on doomsday pastor Apollo Quiboloy and his Kingdom of Jesus Christ church: https://www.rappler.com/newsbreak/in-depth/apollo-quiboloy-kingdom-jesus-christ-investigative-stories-abuse-multi-million-properties/

12:44 PM

I also just realized today while collating our reports that Rappler has been investigating the allegations since 2021. We've covered the abuse as alleged by former members, as well as Quiboloy's multi-million properties abroad. Are there other things we should be looking into? Join the justice and human rights channel (https://communities.rappler.com/ytUTSmRbUiTCeeZEWA/fqEJInNVcwyufkUKJx/chat) to share, but if the information is too sensitive, you can email investigative@rappler.com!

02:30 AM

Eto masarap pagusapan😅